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Carriage Inn Motel, Cross City 352-498-3910 5-10 mins away

Eldorado Motel 352-498-3307 5-10 mins away

Best Western 1125 N Young Blvd, Chiefland, FL 32626
Phone: 352/493-0663

Days Inn 352-493-9400 Cheifland 20-25 mins away this is the motel im at

Cadillac Motel (352) 463-2188 15-20 mins away

Park Inn (352) 463-2069 17850 NW US Highway 19,
Fanning Springs, FL

Shady Oaks Campground
153 NE 300 St, Cross City, FL (352) 498-7276 very close to oceanpond ....

Next Event :

Mud will be ready !!!

All holes will be open lots of black mud in back side !!!

Stuck in the mud try Jesus !!!


mudbog mud bogg florida mud bogg biggest mud bog deep mud bogg oceanpond

No alcohol allowed if we SEE it you will have to dump it out No Passengers are to be in the back of vehicle while in the Mudd Hole area. ALL kids 12 and under must wear helmets on atv's.

All 4 Wheelers are to have their motors turned off same as the trucks at 5:15 PM so that we have time if you are stuck we can pull you out

No Glass allowed on premises.

NO PETS ALLOWED…If brought into Ocean Pond they will have to be on a leash and left inside your Vehicle.

gates close at 5:15 PM for entry

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